Jill Harris and her team have handled our lending for over 12 years now.  As a custom home builder, it is critical that we surround ourselves with other professionals who share the same priority on customer service and the same standard of excellence and work ethic. Design Mortgage has met those standards with every customer we’ve referred. They take great care of our customers at every stage of the process. They have earned our loyalty, and we always feel completely at ease sending referrals their way knowing they will receive excellent advice, the best solutions for their lending needs, and attentive care throughout the process. They handle all our personal lending needs, as well. I would highly recommend Design Mortgage to anyone in need of any type of loan or any of the services they offer.
Shauna Wallace
Possibility Custom Homes, Inc.


Hi Ladies!

I am officially a homeowner to a beautiful new home that you all helped make possible!!!! I cannot say thank you enough for doing this in such a short amount of time & still making sure that I was taken care of in every aspect.  Reese and I have such an amazing opportunity to start the year off fresh in our own home and to build a great life together. Thank you for blessing us with that gift! My closing girl at Stewart Title went on & on about how quick you were to supply her with what she needed, thought you were so helpful & loved working with you!  Jill, you are a true super woman! Thank you for making sure I had the best loan option out there that would work for me! You are an amazing leader for your team & go above & beyond what I could've ever needed.

I appreciate y'all & will always sing your praises! Thank you again for everything!

Love y'all!

Adrienne D.


Thank you Heather and Jill!! You ladies have been amazing to work with! We need more like you in the business!!!
Taryn F,
Escrow Officer


Hi Heather,

THANKS SO MUCH!!!  Our closing went great this past Friday at Alamo Title in Tomball, just a normal closing with no surprises.  Bonnie worked with us and she was great!! Gail and I want to thank you and Jill, and all the folks at Design Mortgage who helped us along this journey of almost a year.  It's been a very interesting experience to build a house and because of you guys and also because of James Wallace (Possibility Custom Homes) and all the folks Shauna, Ryan and Corey, the whole experience was great!!  Super great people doing honest business the way good Christians do business.  Many thanks!!

We absolutely love our new house and we look forward to many years there, or as long as the Good Lord above has us stay there.

Thanks again to everyone and we will certainly recommend you folks to any and all who are looking to build and finance a new home. 

Best Regards and may GOD Bless you all!!

Ken and Gail P.


There are not enough words to tell you how grateful I am.  I'm sorry if I could not say much, but my throat was so swelled up and I could not even talk.   Wow, not only did you handle this quickly and so very nice the way you both have worked with me. You both are such a Blessing.  I called my husband and he got choked up.  We are so very grateful to everything you both have done.

Again, thank you both so very much and Bless you both. Our prayers have been answered and I appreciate everything.

Thank you,

Janice C.

I met Jill Harris at Design Mortgage almost 19 years ago, when she was recommended to us from a mutual friend. At the time, my wife and I were purchasing our first home. She went above and beyond the necessary customer service with my demanding needs. Jill has since completed over 14 purchases and refinances for us over the years, and has become a life-long friend of ours.
I am now a Real Estate agent, and Jill still gives that 150% service to every client I refer to her. She has closed loans from $100,000 up to $3.5 million for my clients, and each one of them have become repeat customers, as I did so many years ago. I can't imagine attempting to complete a mortgage transaction without her experience and detailed service that she provides to each customer.
Philip Thomas

Thanks so much Jill!! It is funny; with me being a realtor for 17 years; I am always telling people to hurry and get their loan applications filled out...I find out what all is entails..too funny.  Great news about our pre-approval.
Thank you for your prompt service....You are awesome!!
Can't wait to do business with you! 

The best thing you can do is call Jill Harris, the owner of Design Mortgage!  She is really well versed in the construction loan arena and has been doing it for a long time.  The benefit is that she continually knows which lenders are active and which are not as interested in construction loans.  She can make the process a lot less frustrating for you!!

Jill handled the loan on my house over 10 years ago and has taken care of dozens of my home owners since including my parents and in laws.  I trust her to take good care of anyone and do what is best for you.

I am so glad I made the call to Design Mortgage, your team has made this so much easier on me, and we know I need all the help I can get!  Truly, it was a pleasure working with you and Jill.  Everything looks great on the paperwork.  Take care and I will check in on you from time to time. 

Thanks for all of your hard work and persistence on getting our loan done!  Y'all are the best. 
Daniel I.

Jill and Heather,
Thanks so much for all of the hard work that you put into my client's file.  I appreciate you making it happen for them.  They love their home!  Have a great week! 
Jeremy Hendrix

Hi Heather, 
My husband and I closed on a loan with Design Mortgage in August of 2013.... We had a great experience with you during the purchase of our first home, and would like to go through your company again if possible.  Please let me know!
Thank you, 
Chelsea M.


I want to first start by saying thank you to you and Heather for your hard work on our construction loan and making that process easy. Y'all have been great to us and I will continue to recommend people to Design Mortgage for sure. In fact, I have two friends in the Woodlands area that will be building in the next 12 months and I will direct them your way for sure. 

Thank you again for all you have done for us in the past.
Kevin B.



Jill, I'm glad u locked it in when u did, That's going to save me a lot of $$. I really appreciate you guys. You guys have made the loan process very easy. I have done many loans and u guys stand far above the others......

Jill & Heather: 
I wanted to drop you a line to say "thank you" for all the effort which went into helping Mary Lou and I in securing the loan(s) for our new home.  We are getting out from under the boxes and are starting to enjoy it.  It is indeed a joy to work with folks such as yourselves.  You made the process easy.
Thanks again.  I look forward to recommending your firm should I have the opportunity to do so.

Again thank you all for everything you have done throughout this whole process.  I gave your card to a lady at church and I think she talked to Jill about helping with her construction loan. She was so glad I told them about all of you. I think she talked with Jill and said that y'all were so nice. 
Thank you again

You guys are wonderful to work with!! I was just telling someone yesterday how easy and simple you have made this process for us. I am certainly glad we used you for this and would highly recommend you in the future!!!
Thank you,
Kelly U.


Dear Jill,

You are so kind! I really appreciate you listening to our "woes" and we will definitely get back to you when the time comes.  We are trying to keep looking up. You are top of my list. Again, thank you for your extraordinary service!

Yours truly,

Lou Ann

Jill and Heather,
I want to thank both of you for all your hard work and support through this process. You run a great business and I will tell everyone they would be crazy not to do business through you. In business, I work with a lot of companies and its always a pleasure when you work with professionals like yourselves.
Brent S.

Hey Heather! Forgot to email you on Friday but everything went well with the closing for our land and we can't thank you enough for your help! The lady at First American Title also loved you and said you guys are awesome. Can't wait to get plans going for the house. Just wanted to thank you again and we will call you back soon! 
Shanna & Brandon L.

Thanks you SO MUCH for all that you’ve done for us, and for always taking care of my clients!  I really appreciate it!! 

Well it went just hunky dory!  Thanks to all the ladies at Design Mortgage it was one of the less painful real estate deals we've ever done.
Thanks, Heather and Jill  for all your help.  
Jim S.

Thank You!!! For being so helpful in our refinancing venture, a delightful lunch outing, the cookies and for just being you. We too think of you as a sincere friend and not just a business source.

I have to tell you...Heather is wonderful.  You KNOW we've been put through the ringer with this house...but she's been really wonderful to work with and I wanted you to know I greatly appreciate all that she's done.  Not to exclude you, you've been wonderful too, but I had to give some positive feedback on Heather.
Thanks for all the help. I know this wasn't easy for you, so I sincerely appreciate you hanging in there with us.
Have a blessed day~

It went awesome! Just got home. Thank u so much for everything. You guys have been awesome and I will recommend u to ANYONE that asks.  We even told Navasota Title this morning if anyone ever asks to give them y'all name.  
Jenn K.

That’s why I have waited to respond once you received the flowers.  You are so welcome.  It’s the least I could do.  Again thank you for all of your help.  Words cannot explain how great it was to have you working on our side completing and keeping things moving along.  We could not have done it without you.  
Have a lovely weekend!
Kathleen G., M.A.

We had such a great experience with you.  It was natural to recommend our good friends over to you!
Thank you,